Why You Should Consider Hospice Care For Your Loved One

An elderly person is seated in an armchair while a nurse takes their blood pressure.

The unfortunate truth is that many people will experience a decline in health toward the end of their life. Chronic pain and other debilitating conditions can be very challenging to handle and it may be in your family’s best interest to seek out palliative care for the loved one who needs it.

Hospice care is one form of palliative care that provides a means by which your loved one can remain comfortable and protected in the comfort of their own home. The team at San Jose Health Care would like to provide you with a bit of information about hospice care so you can make the best decision for your family’s needs.   

Hospice Care Offers Expert Help

Taking care of a loved one at the end of their life is not an easy task — both physically and emotionally. Caretaker burnout is very common and can create a host of other issues when not handled properly.  

Opting for home hospice care for a loved one can provide you and them the peace of mind you both deserve. You’ll have help with all the complex tasks required throughout the day, which can help with relieving some of the stress and pressure you face. This support also means you and your family can focus on the meaningful moments and time you have left with your loved one. 

Opting for home care also means you have 24/7 access to help and can have any of your questions answered when you have concerns.

Support for Everything the Patient Needs

Palliative care includes more than just physical health care. A dedicated team will provide for all of the patient’s needs, which can include health care from nurses, assistance with basic tasks from aides, or personal company when you can’t be there.

You can also be sure this comprehensive team will be able to provide emotional and spiritual care as well.

Support for the Family

Losing someone is never easy, but it is easy for the emotional needs of the remaining family to be ignored. Being a caretaker can be stressful and overwhelming, and, oftentimes, the needs of the family are ignored. 

With hospice care, your care team will include a social worker who can support you and the rest of your family as you deal with the situation. Whether they simply help by talking with you or connecting you with resources, you can be sure your entire family will have the emotional support they need. 

Your Loved One Remains Home

Most patients who need palliative care would prefer to spend their last days at home, surrounded by friends and family. Home care allows your loved one to stay where they are most comfortable.

Once you’ve opted for home care, an expert can make sure you have all the equipment you need and the knowledge to use it. 

Enjoy More Choices

Hospitals have a lot of rules for the good of all their patients, but it can be hard to handle when the clock is ticking. Having more time to visit and the ability to make familiar foods can help improve your loved one’s quality of life at the end of their journey. 

When Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care in Pharr, Trust San Jose Health Care

We know that this is a difficult time, but you don’t need to go it alone. The experts at San Jose Health Care will give you the support you need.

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