5 Ways To Show Your Loved One in Hospice You Care This Valentine’s Day

A person holding a card with a heart kisses the cheek of a person holding a box.

Holidays can be a hard time when your loved one is in a Pharr hospice. Missing out on traditions can be hard for the family and the patient — but you can bring a sense of normalcy to the situation. A holiday like Valentine’s Day may be associated with romance, but you can easily support […]

Why You Should Consider Hospice Care For Your Loved One

An elderly person is seated in an armchair while a nurse takes their blood pressure.

The unfortunate truth is that many people will experience a decline in health toward the end of their life. Chronic pain and other debilitating conditions can be very challenging to handle and it may be in your family’s best interest to seek out palliative care for the loved one who needs it. Hospice care is […]