5 Ways To Show Your Loved One in Hospice You Care This Valentine’s Day

A person holding a card with a heart kisses the cheek of a person holding a box.

Holidays can be a hard time when your loved one is in a Pharr hospice. Missing out on traditions can be hard for the family and the patient — but you can bring a sense of normalcy to the situation. A holiday like Valentine’s Day may be associated with romance, but you can easily support your loved one by showing them just how you feel.

Grief tends to hit hard when a loved one is in the final stages of their life, but you can still find a way to make special memories you can cherish for years to come. Showing your loved one that they will always remain in your heart is a beautiful way to honor them this Valentine’s Day.

Showing Love to Hospice Patients

1. Plan Time Together

Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to spend some personal time with your loved one.

You can take them on an outing if the care for your elderly loved one allows for it or, if not, visit them and simply spend some time together. Board games, watching movies, or even just talking can really brighten up their day. You can always ask about their life and favorite memories if you need a place to start.

If you can’t be together in person, setting up a virtual meeting via video call can help. If your loved ones can’t set it up themselves, talk to their caregiver about assisting them.

2. Send Cards or Gifts

If you can’t be there in person, you can still show your loved one you’re thinking of them. Sending a gift like flowers or stuffed animals can be a great way to show your love and brighten up their room.

A handwritten card or letter is a meaningful way to show you care also; you can do a theme like favorite memories or why you appreciate them. If your loved one receives many cards or letters, consider displaying them all together. Additionally, if your loved one is losing vision, a recording of you reciting the letter or card is a wonderful gift.

3. Decorate!

Being in hospice care can be very challenging. Your loved one may be housebound or bedbound, which means not much will change for them on a daily basis.

Setting up some festive decorations can brighten up their space and give your loved one something to look forward to. Because red can be a sensitive color for some patients, consider pink or similar pastel colors when you’re picking out decorations. You can also personalize them by displaying photos cut into heart shapes.

Even those struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s may enjoy the reminder.

4. Continue Your Traditions

Many patients in hospice care report that they feel bad that they’re interrupting the normal traditions of the family, and no one likes feeling like a burden to others.

If you have a Valentine’s tradition or even a favorite memory, this is the perfect time to bring it to your loved one. Providing some sense of normalcy can help your loved one feel better, and even a small gesture can mean the world to an elderly relative.

5. Discuss Hospice Care

If you are providing care for your elderly loved one on your own, it may be worth it to discuss hospice care. Letting your loved one make the decision can make the change less frightening for them.

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