Hospice care that brings comfort and
support when you need it most.

Safety Protocols

San Jose Hospice Care: Providing Compassionate Comfort Care to Your Loved One

For nearly a decade, San Jose Hospice Care has served our community by providing compassionate end-of-life care. Our caregivers and providers dedicate themselves to giving your loved ones care as they reach the end stages of their lives. You can depend on our team of experienced professionals to provide reliable and respectable care to make your loved ones as comfortable as possible.

What is Hospice Care?

San Jose Hospice provides special care focusing on patients with life-limiting health conditions. Hospice provides its patients with comfort and relief from pain and spiritual and emotional support within the last few months of their life. 

How We Provide for Your Loved One

During this time, we understand that meeting your loved one’s needs is very important, to them and to you. Hospice care can take place at the patient’s home, a hospital, a nursing home, or a hospice facility. At San Jose Hospice Care, our services take place at home. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies cover hospice expenses, but patients should speak to their provider about their specific coverage.

Hospice Care: Passionately Caring for Our Patients

Our well-trained professionals will go above and beyond to ensure your loved one maintains their dignity while receiving the highest quality of care. At San Jose Hospice, we know that death is an inevitable part of life, and our team will help create a healing ambiance with comfort and compassion for the families of the parting loved one.

Our Mission

San Jose Hospice Care is committed to providing the best quality care to our patients and their families by providing compassionate care during the last leg of their journey. San Jose Hospice Care is also committed to educating patients, families, and staff, and providing the best customer service in the industry.

Caring for our patients is our privilege. Your family deserves a team that is there for your loved ones every step of the way.

Our goals include:


Patient and family expectations by providing the highest standards of care.


Dignity and enhance the quality of life.


Pain and other symptoms.


The patient and their family and caregivers in the plan of care.



The patient in meeting individual goals.


The patient and family develop effective coping mechanisms.


An atmosphere of comfort and compassion.

When Is it Time to Seek Hospice Care?

It’s hard to decide when to reach out for hospice care for a loved one, but we’re here to help. If you or a loved one is facing some or all of the problems below, reach out.

  • Experiencing shortness of breath, even while resting
  • Pain medications aren’t effective anymore, or your pain is getting worse
  • Visits and calls to the doctor are becoming more frequent
  • Falling several times within a few months
  • Experiencing significant or unexplained weightloss
  • Being hospitalized or taken to the ER several times within a few months
  • Having difficulty with everyday tasks, including walking, bathing, and dressing
  • Spending most of the day in one chair or bed

If you think that now may be the time to start hospice care for a loved one, reach out to San Jose Hospice Care for the quality and compassionate care your loved one deserves.

Our highly experienced and compassionate team is ready to bring comfort and support when you need it most, every step of the way.